"Flathead Living" Magazine Photo Shoot at the FireBrand Hotel in Whitefish Montana

"Flathead Living" Magazine Photo Shoot at the FireBrand Hotel in Whitefish Montana


Eric's musical ventures began at a young age listening to his parent's vinyl collection and mimicking what he heard on the families upright piano. Without realizing it, he was honing his skills as he worked out renditions of Elton John, Beatles, and CCR tunes. His best friend Jake was in a very musical family that encouraged him and helped him get involved in talent shows which would forever put the performance bug in Eric. In high school, he was involved in choir and even a country band for a short time giving him a reason to start dabbling in songwriting.

Through various jobs and relationships Eric would find himself moving between several major cities, continuing to build his song catalog as he went. Finally in 2010, while living in New York City he began to assemble a band which would go on to be called Rovnik. Together they played many of the cities legendary venues including: The Bitter End, Cafe Wha, The Delancey, Sullivan Hall, Arlene's Grocery, Groove, The National Underground, Kenny's Castaways, Spike Hill, Glasslands, Fontana's, and many more.

Eric's biggest joy would become showing off new material to his bandmates and seeing where it would go from there. After two years of live performance and many recordings, Rovnik members went their separate ways. Eric continues to play his original material live and in the studio with drummer Rick Martinez.

After the break up of the band, Eric enrolled in the Institute of Audio Research to learn how to better record his own material. Shortly after, he would leave New York City for Nashville where he would start work on his first solo EP. Unable to adapt to the South, Eric moved to Montana where he would finish his EP, "Hot Times". He now plays live throughout the Pacific Northwest and occasionally commutes to New York City for live shows and studio projects.

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